Ol' Ash's Saloon

by Der Zirkus brennt

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A soundtrack for a movie that never was.

Spy from the void videoclip @


released April 12, 2012

Dario Mambro - piano, noises
Marco Di Vita - guitars
Federico Bernacchi - bass guitars
totally self produced.

remastered in March 2015

cover photograph by Elitsa Ganeva www.flickr.com/photos/elitsaganeva/




Der Zirkus brennt Rome, Italy

The circus burns. The audience fled at breakneck pace. The stands are empty, the big top full of smoke and flames. The clown is alone on the track, his sequins' costume shining in the glimmer of the fire. His face is white as lime, under the left eye shines an obliged tear, the crooked hat on the head. With a flashing trumpet he plays the farewell's great melody, sublime and ridiculous.

[M. Ende]
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Track Name: Spaceport City rain
It rains. It always rains. Every time I drop on this fucking planet.
"Mate, seems like you bring bad weather with you" adjudged a laugh behind me.
"That's not a funny curse, 'Tony, if I may complain"
"Ain't no bad weather at all up there."
He smiled.
"But there can't be any good either."

I still manage to find a couple of hours for a drink with him whenever I drop here.
He never joined any spaceship of sort, not even planes, just old flying scraps; as he likes to say, he enjoys to be grounded.
But me, I could never even bear to be grounded by my parents, let alone be grounded on Earth.

Did I miss him?
Track Name: Spy from the void
we are in the database now. --stop

they know.
they k now. -- sto p

it's happening. --
paranoia is real. it's upon us. the clock is ---

wear your uniform, though no one no longer cares.

we are gonna need it, just for ourselves now, to be an army.

to be defeated.

Track Name: Star smugglers
We live by a cheap star.
A "Star Engine" actually, 'Tony always pointed out to correct me.
Every star gets cold on his skin, or on the skin of anyone who lived so far from the Sun.
But the Star Engine gets my ship going, and has always kept us warm. Still keeps us warm.
But he says:
"Star Engines are made from pieces of the Sun storms. You don't confuse an ember with a pyre.”
They actually wait for the Sun storms and, ask any of those madmen that are in the business of harness those flames, well, they'll say “it's like going fishing”.

But ain't no other way to build a spaceship able to sustain life in the deep space beyond Jupiter.
Being a pioneer it's nothing more than exporting your home hearth. Not that I am a pioneer, or that anyone is, if you ask me.

So, when I stole my ship, I didn't feel guilty at all. Neither that itchy feeling, 'cause in a certain way, it has already been stolen from the Sun, or maybe because I felt like I stole it from the Sun myself.

Ain't any difference there, no matter how strong you search for it.
Track Name: Neptune's diamonds rush
The Eye of the Vortex opened right into the Great Dark Spot, as a gateway to Neptune's low atmosphere, where conditions are such that methane decomposes into diamond crystals.
The ravaging of the Ice Giant's storms has always made impossible to get through the planet stratosphere in any other way.
No one knew how much the so called Calm would have last, and no one cared.
So as soon as the the Big Calm started, began the Big Rush.
The Federal Government couldn't handle the multiplied mass of profiteers going there, practically allowing a large amount of undercovered trades, leading the organized crime to take control over the incomes and outcomes,
today known as the Sunday Black Market.
Still, there are few who works on their own, due to Neptune's wideness and practical impossibility to control all the incoming ships, running against Government, that informally supports the illegal trades, and the Sunday Black Market itself, that actually controls all the businesses around Neptunian Diamonds.
Track Name: Sunday Black Market
It started bad. A bad move, a bad plan. Or a good plan, which is known to be the best kind of plan to turn against you. Surprisingly, it has quite gone well after that. Well, yeah, for a while.
My partner had it rough, way more than me.
"We won't double cross the Sunday Black Market this easy"
He was right, should've been listening to himself more. I replied
"We are better off on the run, you know that. We'd be on the run both from the Federals and from the Market, yeah. But remember: both have laws we don't wanna live along. And this is our opportunity to get the money to buy our way out."
"To buy our way." he said.
When he was a kid he found a dollar adrift in the open space.
But to me it was way more than that. Actually, it wasn't about money or anything in the future, it was about the present.
It... I was about... I think I knew that back then, don't think that I still got it. Maybe I wanted my dollar from the space too.
Or maybe I was even sillier than her.
The code worked. It got us out alive. We had to do our charade with real bullets though, my partner has lost an eye, I just bled my share, but nothing more than some glass of booze can't refill.
Tony waited for us on the ship, with the others. They hid behind the comet tail, which jumbles up the trace of the Star Engine.
She says comets are evil.
So we went by. It is a slow route, but the safe one. We got a buyer waiting for us on Titan, at the Ol' Ash's Saloon.
So, in the end, I betrayed the Sunday Black Market and she betrayed the Federals, and whatever agency she is really working for.

And now, we are all traitors. But not for long, no more. Like she said - like you said - even though no one no longer cares, we have that old uniform to wear, just for ourselves. We'll be our own army.
Track Name: Meet you at the Ol' Ash's Saloon
The spy doesn't drink rainwater,
and flickers the eye, the Sun,
but does anybody really have one?
There was a pyramid, still there.
Once upon a time, once upon a moon.
She said she lived by the ruins, she was a liar,
but the ruins lived by our side, wherever we went,
as wherever she slept, she was a liar.
The rain has long gone too:
a witch foreshadows of curses,
her feet by the puddle,
today there won't be any bell to toll,
and I, I am sure I've wanted it all.
Track Name: One jealous cigar
Where are you? I just wanna know.
You said... you lied.
Didn't lie about the Sunday Black Market code though. Didn't lie about us, did you?
And what of it? I thought there was something as “old enough” you know?
Cold enough. Far enough.
But well, after all my years up here, I didn't catch any starless sky.
People keep asking themselves where all those dust came from. Even in the space, things got dusty, and you get smoke in your eyes.
Still am I wondering about you...
In the end, the real question is not where you are now, but where you came from.
The real question is
have you really come out of the void?
Track Name: Pyres on Pluto
Something that lasts forever.

At last, in front all of this, absolutely nothing’s changed.
Does it even matter? Did I ever really wanted things to change?
No. No one ever cared.

Something that lasts forever.

I never cared.
All these bruises, scars, wounds, thoughts, memories, needs, corpses, they’re now burning, dust in the void.
I deny them. I deny myself and my needs, my memories.

I’m one with all I disown.

“There’s no such thing in the whole Universe”

The Sun is rising over Charon.
I’ve never been so far, and it never felt so warm on my skin.

Isn’t it indeed, Eternal?